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Senior School Students Support ImpactHK

A group of Senior School students were tasked with leading a group of Secondary students during Week Without Walls. 

DBIS has sought an opportunity to form a long-term relationship with a local charity; ImpactHK in an effort to educate our students about the need for human kindness and compassion. Our aim is to help ImpactHK bridge the gap between the minimal support from the government for the homeless along with people’s desire to rehabilitate the homeless back into society by giving them a second chance in life. At DBIS, we believe that long-term partnership with ImpactHK is crucial in providing consistency in being proactive hands-on helpers within the community, as well as in our efforts to fundraise and provide financial support to this wonderful charity. We strongly believe that education is the key to a better understanding of humanity and the social issues in which we have to collectively tackle.

Over the course of ‘Week Without Walls’ our first day began with a day’s education about homelessness, the disparity between the rich and the poor, the exorbitant property prices and rent and the way in which this incredible city can render any individual to become homeless through the lack of appropriate social support.
The following three days consisted of being immersed in the local community of Sham Shui Po (the poorest district in Hong Kong) whereby our community service work began at ImpactHK’s ‘The Guestroom’. This is a place in which homeless individuals can reside during the day and feel safe and taken care of. It is a place which thrives on the charity’s community helpers building friendships with them and showing them acts of kindness every day through love and compassion. We were involved in a variety of activities consisting of weaving ‘Kindness Mats’ for the homeless to sleep on in the streets, playing table tennis and basketball with them, hosting a lunch for the homeless community (shopped and prepared for by our students), and last but not least we went on ‘Kindness Walks’ lead by Jeff Rotmeyer - with a focus on both feeding the homeless as well as street cleaners who are incredibly undervalued in our society and are in poverty. He provided both the teaching staff and students with a fundamental and essential education about the plight of the homeless in Hong Kong. This was a powerful and moving experience that has shaped our students beyond our wildest dreams, changed perceptions and provided them with an understanding of the dangers of preconceptions and the necessity for collective responsibility for every individual in any community that transcends across the globe. We are ever so grateful for this opportunity to enhance our students’ experiences and education in life and look forward to continue to nurture our friendship with ImpactHK.

Ms Lee


Student feedback

Steven Keating Year 12
My experience with ImpactHK showed me the servere need there is for support in Hong Kong. The resilience I saw from the homeless community truly inspired me and showed how much support these people need. My preconceptions of homeless was them being lazy and just choosing not to work have completely been changed as people who end up homeless are really struggling. I personally believe everyone in the DBIS community should take a step forward and put themselves out there to support those in need,.

Frederik Christensen Year 12
ImpactHK showed us the true side of homelessness in Hong Kong and had many eye openers throughout the trip. The description of the week doesn’t do it justice because hearing about the different things that occured on the trip is one thing but witnessing the environment in person is a completely other. I found the trip very beneficial and developed my understanding of homelessness.

James Dingley Year 12
ImpactHK was very valuable to me as I was able to partake in experiences that I will always remember and be eager to share.  

Sonya Polezhayeva Year 12
ImpactHK was definitely a moving experience for me - I got to see a side of Hong Kong that I previously had never been exposed to, and to meet people I wouldn’t have thought I would be able to talk to. There were many eye-opening moments for me during the week, especially witnessing how some individuals live and survive in Hong Kong. 


There's a bird in the class Miss...

The Year 12 Psychology students got the chance to meet an African Grey parrot called Bowie (Bobo) in a lesson recently courtesy of one of their peers, Jayu Patidar. The groups have been learning about a study that involved an African Grey that had a similar level of intelligence to a three year old child. Irene Pepperberg studied a parrot called Alex for 30 years and he was able to distinguish between categorical labels such as 'same and different'.

If you want to learn more about Irene Pepperberg's more recent work, follow this link:

Ms Best


Senior School Work Experience Programme

Whilst some students travelled overseas, and others were experiencing the different sides to Hong Kong, another group of students went to work. DBIS sent 14 Senior School students out into the world of work in order for them to gain an insight into what really happens after university.

The students’ placements had a genuine local/international feel with some students working directly within DBIS and one student heading off to a hospital all the way in Tokyo. The students worked effectively outside of their comfort zones and benefited greatly from working collaboratively with wide range of adults. 

Thank you to all the companies that supported our Senior School Work Experience Programme:

Mr Sama

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