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EYFS Mandarin

Recently the Early Years Children learnt the diversity of culture in Mandarin lessons as Halloween and Diwali offered a great opportunity. We sang Halloween songs, read Halloween stories and played matching games together. The children had a lot of fun matching the Jack O Lanterns with Chinese number on them. At the following week the Chinese number matching game comes back again with Diwali Lanterns!

Primary Mandarin

Week 11 was the sports week of Primary. In addition to enjoying the fun of sports, the students also fully participated in and enjoyed a series of activities prepared by the Chinese teachers. These activities not only allowed students to consolidate what they have learned through games, but also gave them a good opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture. Here are some quick shots from the week. 

Number songs:

Making Fortune Tellers: 

Reading Stories:

My number Robot:

My Apple Tree: 

Kahoot Competition: 

Taiji Dance: 

Chinese Calligraphy: 

Apple Dance: 

Secondary Spanish 

Year 11 mock examinations are around the corner and Year 10 has finished their first topic of Holidays and have done a past paper to familiarise themselves with the requirements of the IGCSE Spanish course and set targets for the next half term and beyond. 

For Year 11, mock examinations are around the corner and students have been busy with exam practice in preparation for the IGCSE exams later this year. We have been holding a Spanish speaking clinic on Thursday lunchtimes for students who want to increase their confidence in their speaking skills and increase fluency ahead of their speaking exams at the end of next term. Our Pathway 3 teacher, Ms Motta has also been coming into class weekly to ensure all students have the opportunity to engage in extra speaking practice directed towards the exam.

Finally, the students have been honing their listening and grammar skills on the interactive this is language site which enables students to engage in targeted listening using a range of interactive videos and grammar exercises. 

Buena suerte Año 11!! 

Secondary French

The IGCSE Year 10 group have been finding out about a typical day in a French school. They have been learning about subjects taught, timings for the school day, lunchtime and break time activities and the type of facilities available. This has given us a wonderful opportunity to compare school life in France with Hong Kong and with other countries from our own experiences. The students concluded that French system of lessons on Saturday morning and a longer school day are the least appealing aspects in comparison to HK but no school uniform, long lunch breaks and delicious canteen food are very enviable parts of French school life.





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