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What's Been Happening in Year 5

Primary Year 5

Heather Hansen is a performance and visual artist.

Her creative style has inspired the kinetic artwork which Year 5 have carried out this week. The students have been taking ideas from Heather’s work and carrying out large scale pieces of art on the playground and on large pieces of paper which are on display in the classroom. You may have already spotted the remnants of the artwork by traces of chalk on your child’s school uniform - apologies here!

Please click this link to see Heather’s work for yourself.

Continuing on in our Discovery Learning Year 5 have been set a challenge by Ms Lees and Mr Tough, to explore sustainable energy sources that we could use at DBIS. Please support this learning by discussing the following questions at home - Which sustainable energy sources would be best suited to Discovery Bay? Why is this? Where would you recommend for these energy sources to be installed in our school campus?

The children are currently carrying out research, note taking their responses to questions like this. This learning will soon be transferred into our Hot Write - a non-chronological report. We’re very excited to share this writing with you at our upcoming Open Morning on Tuesday 27th November.

In Maths the students are continuing their learning in multiplication and division. Here the students are learning a number of different methods that include:

- Multiplication - grid method, long multiplication, multiplication with carrying

- Division - short and long division

To help with this learning the students should aim to be fluent and fast with their knowledge of multiplication tables. Times Table Rockstars is a great website to help with this!

As always please contact any of the Year 5 team if you have any questions regarding your student’s learning.


The Year 5 Team

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