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Secondary Mathematics

As the Year 11 Mock exams approach I would like to wish the students good luck, as a whole, they are a hardworking and capable group and the results have the potential to be some of the best DBIS have had.

Key Stage 3 students have come to the end of the unit ‘Practical Mathematics’ where they learnt about number facts and relationships, time problems, estimating and accuracy, and percentages and fractions. The students also had a project on managing money to complete. Each year had
a different task from planning a holiday, in Year 7 to the Year 9 imagining they had just finished university and had to budget for the future, looking into student loans, interest rates, mortgages, pensions, rent etc…

Mr Hood wanted to acknowledge Kaydee’s project in year 8 in his words “it’s one of the most impressive pieces of student work I have ever seen at this level.”

The next unit of work for KS3 is based on construction and how algebra and geometry fit together in the design and construction of pretty much everything. The students will look into many topics from area and volume to solving equations and algebraic manipulation as well as studying
movement and measures.

I would finally like to recognise the work done by the current Year 12 Further A-Level students, the commitment they have shown so far this year and the number of hours they have done behind the scenes means they are more than ready for their first exams which are straight after the Christmas break, I am consistently amazed by their achievements.

Adam Reid
Head of Mathematics

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