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What's Been Happening in Year 3

Primary Year 3

Year 3 have been busy this week, this is what we have been doing.

This week we have started thinking about our next writing unit all about narratives. There have been brilliant discussions about what we already know and what we think a good narrative should include. Y3JH compared a great narrative to a great film, you just can not stop until you find out how it finishes and then you want to talk about it with your friends!

In Maths we have completed our work on multiplications and division by applying these operations into problem solving situations. We have found balancing equations using all four operations a bit challenging but we have been determined to succeed.

Our Discovery unit ‘Can we Save the World?’ is drawing to a close, however we have continued to learn new ideas and are thinking about how we classify different animal species. It has been a lot of fun discussing what makes certain animals different; from how they look, where they live and even what they eat.

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