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Year 9 News

Secondary Year 9

The term is drawing to an end and we are approaching a very exciting part of the year for the School, the students and the community as a whole.

In the run up to Christmas we have many great events planned with Year 9 playing a central role in a large number of them.

First up, we have the long anticipated ‘Lord of the Flies’ school production.  Having talked to both the cast and crew, I am sure it will be a show to remember and right up there with the many great productions produced by the School over the last five years. The show will run on the Thursday 29th and Friday 30th of November.  It is a great opportunity to see our younger students performing in an amazing play with many unique and original ideas on show. Here are a few words from the performers, crew, the staff involved and other supporters of the production.

“It is a very different show, It will be a unique performance. It is different from our past experiences of school productions, in a very good way!”
Aoife McCarron

“I feel it will be a great show, with hard work and intensity in the final rehearsals we will be able to perform really well on opening night!”
Paige van Beek

“It is a really hard but extremely rewarding experience. I have really enjoyed the entire process, from learning lines to performing. It is sure to be a great show!”
Samuel Pearson

“It is a fabulous production with many great performances.”
Summer Dubrowski

“For me, I feel that ‘Lord of the Flies’ is a very interesting production that shows off character development and change. It is a great showcase of the acting talent at DBIS.”
Benjamin Bechgaard Lisse

“It is so good, it is almost unbelievable to see how far the performers have come in their development.”
Jaik Patidar
Ms. MacDonald was also extremely enthusiastic in her praise of the cast and crew. With Year 9 boys and girls playing central roles in both the cast and behind the scenes, we can again see the talent of the year group and their commitment to excel. Here are a few more of the comments from those involved. There has already been a lot of well deserved praise for the cast and crew so far with the rehearsals and for what is sure to be a hugely memorable and entertaining production.

“I am so proud of the cast and crew, they have shown great commitment and drive. They have given up evenings and weekends to make this all work.”

Amy Koo has created some wonderful and inspired artwork for the posters and programme.

“Aoife McCarron has been a dedicated and invaluable stage manager. She has shown herself to be extremely mature and very organised. Aoife has also been an absolute asset to the whole production.”
Ms. MacDonald
And, lastly from a couple more of the cast, a final bit of build up to wet the appetite and have you all running to get tickets.

“We have different age groups involved with many younger performers. It is very much a student driven production (with staff support and guidance). It will be amazing!”
Hana Matilde Sullivan

“The content is dark at times, it is deep and emotional. For me, it is a production that truly has everything. The entire production cast and crew have been amazing!”
Lucy Divers
Moving on from the upcoming production, we would also like to take the opportunity to acknowledge a hugely important event that took place around two weeks ago. DBIS commemorated the lost soldiers and civilians who sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we all enjoy today.  As a school community we came together to recognise and pay respects to those who fell, those who were injured, scarred (both mentally and physically) and those still alive  who played such a crucial part in creating the lives we have today. This event was our School’s inaugural ceremony and it was one that payed respect and homage in a very dignified fashion.
As a school we heard heartfelt speeches from members of our community and beautiful emotional songs from our choir. There were excellent performances from Katama Hazelton from Year 10, Hana Nicholson from Year 11 and Amy Koo from Year 9. We would like to acknowledge the wonderful talent and beautiful voice of Amy Koo as part of a trio of performers that really helped bring home the importance of the day with their vocal talents. Here are a few words from Amy Koo.

“It was a very meaningful event, I was very nervous as I didn’t want to let people down, as it is such an important event for our community. I felt very proud to be able to commemorate the event. The rehearsal time and commitment to the ceremony was all worth it.”
Amy Koo

It seems only a few short weeks ago that the whole of the Secondary School moved out of the classroom and embarked on their Week Without Walls adventures. All of our Year 9 students had amazing times and came back wiser and with much more mature views. This year saw our students travelling across South East Asia with groups going to Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Cambodia and Thailand. We also had a number of students engaging in charitable service, adventure, water sports and the arts closer to home in Hong Kong itself. The students from Year 9 mixed in with older students from Years 10 to 13 and gained invaluable insights and experiences that are sure to stand them in good stead for the year ahead. 
As a school we try to encourage our students to reflect deeply on their experiences, to aid in this we ask our students to write up reflections on their ‘Learning for Life’ Google Site and also record their achievements on their DBIS Diploma Google Site. We hope that our parental/guardian community can also encourage their child(ren) to do this.  Please help your child(ren) to explore their learning and reflections from Week Without Walls and other learning opportunities from earlier in the year. The reflections are an invaluable part of their holistic development for now and in the future. Here are a few positives from students involved in Week Without Walls.

“It was a blast, I made new friends and learnt new skills”.
Paige van Beek, HK Arts Week

“It was a really great experience. It was great to see the underwater aquatic life, beautiful sunsets and lovely people. I learnt a lot and want to continue training and learning to be a recreational diver.”
Sophia Leech, Philippines Diving Adventure

“I loved the curious and cheeky fish that came right up to you. I really liked it. It was a memorable experience.”
Jacob Borelli, Philippines Diving Adventure

“It was really chilled. I learnt a lot and feel I developed as a person.”
Leo Brown, Philippines Diving Adventure

“It was adventurous and lots of fun.”
J.Patidar, Hong Kong Adventure

“It was really great being with different year group. Superb to interact with other cultures and people. It was so good to see people less fortunate than ourselves having such positive outlooks.”
Summer Dubrowski, Sri Lanka Community Project

“We built many great bonds, a brilliant opportunity to help others. I really enjoyed it.”
Benjamin Bechgaard Lisse, Sri Lanka Community Project

Finally, we move onto FOBISIA, in what were tough conditions for our Year 9 students stepping up to compete against students from the year above. Throughout the competition we saw some amazing performances at both team and individual level across a range of different sports and disciplines. Our Year 9 male and female athletes were a credit the School whilst competing and great ambassadors to DBIS throughout their time in Phuket, Thailand.
Not only did our team show excellent team spirit, drive and commitment but they also achieved success in a number of sports. The boys were successful and placed first in Football, third in Swimming and fourth in Basketball against a strong field of seven very prestigious international schools from across South East Asia. Our girls team also performed well and were successful placing third in Football, third in Swimming and narrowly being pipped to third in Basketball (sadly losing in the dying minutes of the final match) against some very strong squads. Perhaps the greatest success of all was the first place finish by the joint boys and girls Athletics team.  All in all, it was another superb showing from our budding DBIS Athletes and one that bodes well for next year’s competition.  Here are a few words from some of the squad.

“The experience as a whole was great, I loved the chance to interact with other schools. I feel I did well and stepped up to the requirements of performing in a Year 10 competition. It gave me good experience for next year.”
Jaik Patidar

“We really wanted to win the football, and put extra effort into this, we were extremely proud of the victory. I feel that I made the School and myself proud.”
Harrison Squires

“It was fun, I was proud of our team work. The football result was important as we improved on last year’s second place finish - it felt good to win this time. I also surprised myself in javelin, I never realised I had talent in this area but now I do.”
Noel Amate

“It was nerve racking as I had many events, it was a relief to get through it. I had to persevere and manage myself. It was exciting for the remaining two days. I need to remember not to be too nervous, I realised that there is no point to worrying too much”
Savannah Floyd

“It was really fun and nice to compete against the other schools. I learnt a lot from the whole experience. I learnt a lot about flexibility and working for the team. I also learnt responsibility and teamwork, for me leading warm ups taught me a great amount and helped me to develop as a person”
Mia Lee

‘It was fun, we learnt a lot. We learnt that when faced with challenges and disappointment that we have to be able to pick ourselves up - usually through our dance moves.  I found out that I am still quite good at long jump, I think I may try to develop myself in this area and build on my win at FOBISIA.”
Teniva Guinea

“FOBISIA as usual was extremely fun but it was sad as this will be my last one. We showed great teamwork and were all very happy with our performances.  I really liked working as a team, I love team sports. I was at my best when with my teammates and pulling together to perform at the highest level that we could.”
Alice Ypersiel

“It was a very good experience and I am very proud of the results we achieved. My highlights were the team efforts and contributions of the squad members. It was such a good vibe, everyone worked so well together.”
Jade Haggarty

As mentioned it has been an extremely active and enjoyable term. There have been so many opportunities for student growth and development.  It is surprising to think that we are only about a third of the way through the academic year.  The end of the term and the build up to ‘Carols on the Pitch’ promises to be as awesome as it always is. We have a huge array of new opportunities for students to participate in next term both in class and beyond. We look forward to getting in touch with you all again soon!
Kind regards,
Mr Wills and the Year 9 Team

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