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What's Been Happening in Year 4

Primary Year 4

Year 4 have really been enjoying the 'Visual Representation' Discovery Unit.

Our trip to The White Cube and Tai Kwun galleries allowed each class to experience more contemporary pieces of art and begin to understand the many ways in which artists express themselves. Back in the classroom, the children have continued to experiment with a variety of different techniques. We have tried block printing, digital art, painting and sculpture to express the children's ideas in different ways. The next step is to begin curating a collection of their favourite pieces from the unit to show at the Celebration of Learning on December 11th. This will be at 2.30pm in the Globe and we are very much looking forward to sharing the children's learning with you.

In English, we have continued reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, focusing on the amazing settings Roald Dahl created. By exercising their wildest imagination, the children have designed a new room that could be placed inside the chocolate factory. These have many delicious items contained within them, from 'fuzzy marshmallow waterfalls' to 'effervescent Fanta lakes' and 'swirling raspberry pools.' The children have tried hard to include fronted adverbials phrases and lively description within their pieces.

In Maths, the classes have continued to work on multiplying larger numbers, as well as making progress with rapid recall of the times tables. They have been applying their skills to problem solving and reasoning situations.

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