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Year 8 News

Secondary Year 8

Introducing: Year 8 Student Council Representatives 

Interview with the new Year 8 Student Council Representatives Rianna Tilbrook and Patrick Omey
Introduce yourselves:
‘Hi! I’m Paddy and I am from the US. I am so excited to be in the Year 8 Student Council this year! I have lived in Hong Kong for almost 9 years and this is my 8th year of attending DBIS. I feel like I’m pretty nice to hang around and don’t mind people asking questions to me. You will see me all around school and you can talk to me anytime you want.’
‘Hi! I’m Rianna and I’m from the UK but I have lived in Hong Kong for my entire life! I’m in Year 8 and this year is my 7th year of attending DBIS. I would consider myself an outgoing person so similar to Paddy I’m open to any questions you would like to ask.’
Favourite movie:
Paddy:  Back to the Future
Rianna: Guardians of the galaxy
Favourite food:
Paddy: Pizza
Rianna: Ramen
Paddy: Dog (Jack Russell)
Rianna: 3 cats
Favourite superhero:
Paddy: Spiderman 
Rianna: Starlord
Who in the world do you admire and why?
Paddy: ‘I admire anyone that doesn’t give up in something and shows leadership because if they don’t do that then what’s the point of looking up on them.’
Rianna: ‘I admire anymore who is confident so speak up about what they believe in and a  person who is brave in difficult situations.’
What are you passionate about?
Paddy: ‘I’m passionate about rugby because I’ve been playing for 7 years and I find it really fun.’
Rianna: ‘I’m passionate about acting because I love to put myself into other people's shoes.’
Why did you put yourself forward for Student Council?
Paddy: ‘I wanted to be in the Student Council this year because last year I wasn’t sure and didn’t step up but this year I feel more ready than ever.’
Rianna: ‘I wanted to be Student Council so I could help people or show my leadership skills.’

What do you want to achieve over the coming as a Year 8 Student Council Representative?

Paddy: ‘I want to get to know more about people over the year and see how I can lead them.’

Rianna: ‘I want to achieve being more confident and being a role model for students.’


What will be your first job or initiative as a Year 8 Student Council representative?

Paddy: ‘My first job would be just getting to know other people and helping them out. Also, I would go help people or introduce myself to them.’  
Rianna: ‘My first job would be to try and be a small guidance counsellor of some sort to help younger students.’

Looking back over Term 1

It has been a pleasure this term to see our Year 8 students fully embracing secondary life, committing themselves to excellence, and living up to the core values of our School.

This Term has provided many opportunities for students to shine! No longer the ‘newbies’ of secondary, many Year 8 students are truly making their mark! 

Term 1 activities including: Week Without Walls, the production of Lord of the Flies and the Swim Gala have provided many opportunities for students to challenge themselves, impact others both locally and internationally and develop their own personal identities.


Reflections of the past term and thinking ahead to the next

I would like students to look back on the experiences, challenges and successes of the past term and reflect upon the following questions ahead of Term 2:

  • How will I seek opportunities to shine next term?
  • What impact do I want to have on the people around me?
  • What impression do I want others to have of me?

And finally, as we draw to the end of term…
I would like to wish all families a restful break over Christmas - whether you are here in Hong Kong or overseas, and however you celebrate the time - I hope that you have the opportunity to spend and enjoy time with family and friends.

For those students leaving us at the end of this term - I would like to wish you all the very best of luck and success in your next destinations. Please stay in touch with your family here at DBIS!

Justin Low
Year Group Leader - Y8 



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