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What's Been Happening in Year 3

Primary Year 3

What a brilliant end to a brilliant term in year 3.

The term has flown by! All the teachers are extremely proud of the children’s hard work and effort. We have so much to look forward to after Christmas as the year 3 show preparations will start. What an exciting time! 

In Maths this week, we have been learning about fractions. We’ve been applying our knowledge of multiplication and division to find fractions of amounts, explore equivalent fractions and add and subtract fractions. It’s been really fun but challenging, because fractions can be hard to understand. The children’s growth mindset has definitely been put to the test.

In Writing we have been learning our model text ‘The Great Explorer’. We have used the text to discuss what we need to write a successful narrative. We have made a toolkit as a class, that we can apply to our own innovated and then independent stories. Our narratives will be adventure stories based on significant explorers. 

In our new discovery unit Significant people, we have been exploring our guiding questions: What makes someone significant? Who is significant to me? In what ways, am I significant to someone? How has society changed due to the actions of a significant person? It has been a brilliant start to a fascinating unit. There has many interesting discussions and the children are beginning to understand the conceptual lens of the unit perspective’. We are all so excited that the year 3 show will be based on our Significant People unit. Watch this space! 

We are looking forward to our final week of term. It’s going to be super busy with shared lunches, an open morning and lots of Christmas inspired activities.

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