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Year 9 News

Secondary Year 9

Season’s greetings!

What a wonderful end to November and start of the Christmas period. Two evenings of towering performances with a whole host of emotions on show. This production with it’s two different casts supported by a superb crew team and staff directors truly delivered. It was an amazing performance that will go down as one of the best in what has been a long run of DBIS Theatre Production hits. It was great to see the culmination of months of hard work come to fruition so elegantly on the stage. The mixture of those new to the Secondary productions along with more experienced members truly bodes well for the future.

This production was very much the DBIS Community and Ethos encapsulated in one form. A show that encouraged growth, developed passions, harnessed creativity and led to really authentic learning experiences. Through this show we saw the positivity and the wellbeing promotion of staff and the students all engaged and supporting one another towards common goals. And, we can not forget that the production also hi-lights and exhibits the strong parental/guardian involvement of our community. The show represents what we are, a DBIS family.

Another great event on the horizon is book week. Although taking place next term, we recommend students getting ready and prepared for it well in advance. There will be countless chances for our students to engage in reading related activities. It is an event that will hopefully build on a love of reading or perhaps ignite a love for the literary arts. As a School we know the power and impact that a love of reading can have. Beyond the obvious enhancement to literacy skills, it is a great boost to imagination and creativity. Furthermore, it can be something that brings families together and offers great wellbeing support to students. We hope you can support us and promote this event and the joy of reading in general with your child(ren).

Finally, as we roll into the final week we can see that the opportunities never stop. Next week is our annual ‘Carols of the Pitch’ Performance. As expected a sizeable number of our Year 9 students are involved in the various choirs and the orchestra on stage that evening. In one way, it is an opportunity to come together and celebrate as a community. And in another way it is again a showcase of the rich arts and creativity talents of our students. Term 1 has definitely delivered in terms of stretch and challenge with so many ways for young people to find passions and develop their abilities across so many fields this term.

All that is left to say is Merry Christmas. From both myself and the Year 9 team we wish you a wonderful winter break and a happy new year!

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