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What's Been Happening in Year 5

Primary Year 5

This will be Y5’s last update this year and what an exciting and eventful year it has been!

The children have been thinking of their top 10 memories of the year and it’s been really interesting to find out what has stuck in their mind from their time with us. As we come to the end of a great year, it’s always lovely to see how much they have grown in independence and maturity since they arrived in our classes and we are looking forward to seeing them go onto great things in Year 6.
This week we have welcomed back our Y5 Fobisia participants. It was a very quiet week in some classrooms last week with quite a few children taking part in a tough competition in Bangkok! Well done to all those children who participated. The rest of us worked on many different projects, produced fabulous artwork, and created amazing poems about camp.
This week it is Creative Arts week. The year group has been involved in creating a mosaic for the Memorial Garden with our artist in residence Eleanor McColl, despite the rain. As well as this activity, each child has chosen their favourite piece of art from over the year and this will be displayed during the Creative Arts Evening on Thursday. We look forward to seeing many of you there to celebrate the artistic achievements of the whole school.
Just a reminder that the Y5 shared lunch is on Wednesday 21st June. Following on from the work they did on camp and our ongoing environmental awareness about reducing waste (and also because it’s No Waste Wednesday) the children have been asked to think about what they are going to bring to share so that we are not left with a huge amount of uneaten food. Each child has been asked to sign up on a form in their Google Classroom rather than having a sign up sheet for parents. Please talk to your child about what they can bring as well as portion sizes. We have also asked that each child brings their own plate, cup and cutlery.
We look forward to seeing you all at the ‘Onwards and Upwards’ ceremonies during the final week of term and would like to thank you all for your support over the last year.
The Year 5 team

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